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Fire Evacuation Resource List

By July 31, 2018May 18th, 2022No Comments

Sawtooth Equine Services provides this contact list as a courtesy to our clients; it is the responsibility of the owner to arrange communication, travel, horse care, and any fees associated with temporary housing.

Available to trailer horses:

Kate Nelson 208-309-5295

Kris Nast 208-720- 8775

Heather McMahan 208-471-0346

Teri Szombathy 208-309-0861

Lorraine Malone 208-578-4227

Kathy McClatchy  208- 721-2283

Vicki Koss 208-720-2311

Martina Vala 805-325-3588

Tyler Peterson 208-720-0329

Michelle Medsker 208-720-0087

Lili Simpson 208-720-3666

Jan Jorgensen 208-720-7602

Available to house horses:


Kim Neill 208-830-3438. room for several horses, if they can be housed together. Also, fencing is appropriate for goats or smaller livestock.

Jan Jorgensen 208-720-7602

Jim and Debbie Hurst 208-720-5500

Paul Ramm 208-309-0201

Paul Dean- 208-720-9910

Mandi Iverson 208-721-7588

Winter Sun Horse Park/Heather McMahan- 208-471-0346

Lorraine Malone 208-578-4227

Martina Vala 805-325-3588


Steve Garman 208-720-0330

Vicki Koss 208-720-2311

Dave Torrence 412-389-3555

Chris Thornton 208-720-2466

Lili Simpson/Elizabeth Johns 208 720-3666

East Fork:

Teri Szombathy 208-309-0861

Sandra and John Flattery 208-788-8801- pasture and a barn apartment


Rodeo ground has pens available


Kelli Taylor 208-309-0564


Heidi Donohoe 208-720-7772


Amie Owens Taber (text better) 208-308-1549


Kathleen Thomason 208-324-5129 (you can just show up plenty of room)