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Our Facility


Sawtooth Equine Service is a primary care equine hospital located in the Wood River Valley of Idaho with 24/7 emergency service available to current clients. 

Our facility offers a comfortable & quite treatment room, in-clinic stalls, drop off /outdoor pens and a state-of-the-art surgery suit for elective surgeries.


Utilizing the Most Advanced Medical Techniques
Portable Digital Radiography ( Xray Unit)

This system is 100% PORTABLE and WIRELESS. In addition, it provides amazing images!  With digital radiography we can manipulate the images  and quickly take additional views – all leading to more precise diagnoses. The Sound system provides Cloud storage on their secure server so your images will be preserved in a safe manner.  This also allows the images to be easily emailed to your horse’s entire care team. The wireless (cordless) portability of this system is very useful, making radiographs in the field very easy to accomplish.


Ultrasound is one of the most ground breaking tools available in equine medicine today, and we are pleased to offer one of the highest quality machines available, right here in Bellevue, Idaho. 

Ultrasound allows our highly skilled doctors to evaluate tissue structures that cannot be seen with the naked eye or on radiographs ( x-rays). This includes evaluation of the reproductive system, ligaments, tendons, joints, lungs and many abdominal organs.

From breeding your mare, to working up a colic, to diagnosing your horse’s chronic lameness, digital ultrasound will help provide precise diagnostic and treatment information. 


Endoscopy is a procedures that allows our doctors to visually evaluate the structures within your horse’s body – primarily the esophagus/ stomach (gastroscopy) and larynx/guttural pouches ( upper airway).

Endoscopy is essential for diagnosing gastric ulcers, laryngeal laryngeal hemiplegia ( ‘roaring’), guttural pouch diseases and MUCH more.

Advanced Dental Equipment 

The equine mouth is one of the most complex and important structures responsible for maintaining the long term health of your equine partners.

Veterinarians are extensively trained in equine dentistry and are the only professionals able to safely and legally administer sedation, extract teeth and diagnose dental/oral pathology in the state of Idaho.

We are so proud to offer floats/balancing, oral examinations, dental x-rays and extractions, using our state-of-the-art equipment.

Class IV Laser

Class 4 Lasers are medical grade equipment that emit a wavelength of photons, which painlessly transfer energy to the nerve, muscle, ligament or tendon we are targeting in your horse.

These photons stimulate increased blood flow to the area, encouraging the body to bring healing ‘building blocks’ right to the area of interest.

Shockwave Therapy 

Shockwave therapy is an advanced medical treatment that uses acoustic shockwaves to break up soft tissue calcification, increase collagen synthesis, release growth factors and stimulate the body’s healing process to reduced pain and promote healing.

We are pleased to be able to provide this technology for both acute and chronic injuries in your horse.

Advanced Lameness Biologics

“Biologics”  are regenerative therapies, which focus on stimulating the body to deposit tissue with similar biomechanical function to the original tissue that was damaged. Unlike steroids, which primarily just decrease inflammation, biologics offer a better chance for healing and return to normal function.

We offer a variety of biologic therapies at Sawtooth Equine, including PRP, Prostride, stem cell therapy and IRAP. Our veterinarians are happy to discuss which options would be best suited for your horse’s recovery. 


We have cameras installed in all of our stalls and outdoor locations, which allows us to monitor our patients around-the-clock and ensure their constant safety. 

Surgery Suite

Modern Surgical Suite for Modern Medicine

Surgery Suite

Our modern surgery suite is capable of handling a variety of surgical problems on an elective (non-emergency) basis. We no longer offer emergency surgical care.  

We continue to provide routine surgeries on a weekly bases, including routine castrations, enucleations and wolf /deciduous tooth extraction.

Surgeries requiring general anesthesia or advanced techniques are scheduled on an ‘as needed’ bases and include cryptorchid castrations, mare spay procedures, arthroscopy, multi-root tooth extractions and more. We are working with the surgeons at Montana Equine Medical and Surgical Center to provide these procedures. Please call to schedule !

Internal Medicine


Our hospital and staff are well suited for treating complex medical problems. We offer a complete array of in-house blood work to help determine the cause of illness. Stall cameras allow for around-the-clock observation by our veterinarians. 

Abdominocentesis, abdominal and thoracic ultrasound, upper airway endoscopy and gastroscopy are also routinely performed by our doctors.  Our doctors and staff excel at providing high-quality and compassionate nursing care for our recovering patients.