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Sawtooth Equine has stood for quality equine veterinary care since 1997, and our entire team is proud to build on that legacy of excellence over the coming months and years.

Now available at Sawtooth Equine!

Dr. Crawford has just completed a 240 hour course for veterinarians and chiropractors in animal chiropractic technique.  Options For Animals was the first course in the United States to offer this level of training to practitioners and continues to set the bar for animal chiropractic education.  The course was held one week a month for 5 months at the Options For Animals facility outside Kansas City.  The training included lectures on anatomy, neurology, chiropractic technique and veterinary medicine as well as labs with horses and dogs to learn safe and accurate technique.

What is Veterinary Chiropractic?

Veterinary Chiropractic is the science, art and philosophy concerned with good health through restoration and maintenance of a properly functioning neuromusculoskeletal system, without the use of drugs or surgery.

Veterinary Chiropractic care is a manual therapy, which can be used for many health and performance problems. It focuses on the biomechanical dysfunction of the spine and its effect on the entire nervous system throughout the body.

Veterinary Chiropractic treatment does not replace traditional veterinary medicine; however, it can provide additional means of diagnosis and treatment options for spinal problems as well as biomechanical related musculoskeletal disorders. Veterinary Chiropractic can often eliminate the source of acute or chronic pain syndromes.

Veterinary Chiropractic Treatment can be used for: 

  • Chronic musculoskeletal problems
  • Acute problems such as tension or stiffness
  • Preventative treatment to maintain fitness
  • Maintain soundness in older animals
  • Enhance performance ability of sport animals
  • As a complementary treatment for chronic lameness attributed to poor saddle fit, arthritis,  SI problems or sore/stiff backs.  Call now to book your appointment!
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