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 Equine reproduction is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ situation and our experienced veterinarians aim to create a program that fits you and your mare’s individual needs. 

Whether pasture breeding or performing artificial insemination, our modern reproductive techniques are employed to maximize reproductive efficiency. 

 We offer pre-breeding mare exams/consultations, reproductive ultrasounds, cycle management, artificial insemination,  pregnancy checks ( via ultrasound and bloodwork) and full herd synchronization programs. 


Post-foaling exams on both mare and foal are a critical step to ensure long and healthy lives for both mom and baby. During these exams, your foal’s IgG level will be tested and he/she will be examined for common birth defects and foaling complications. Your mare will be examined as well to ensure she has properly passed her placenta and is healthy enough to raise her new foal. Please call us as soon as your foal is born so that these exams can be performed in a timely fashion ( no more than 12 hrs post foaling).