The most current reproductive techniques are employed to maximize reproductive efficiency for our clients. Fresh, cooled and frozen semen for artificial insemination, stallion collection (with the use of a breeding dummy), semen evaluation, and evaluation of fertility problems in the mare are all handled by our experienced doctors and staff.

Reproductive Ultrasound Examination

Ultrasonic examination of the reproductive stages of the mare’s estrus (heat) cycle has become the standard for accurately assessing reproductive status and timing of breeding. Its importance has increased as horse owners have requested more sophisticated control of the breeding process. For example, when breeding a mare with shipped cooled semen, we must follow the follicular (egg and surrounding fluid) development on the ovary to be able to order the semen at the proper time. The picture above shows a mare’s left and right ovaries. Our doctors can closely monitor your mare’s progress to help time the breeding correctly.  We offer fresh, cooled and frozed semen insemination.