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Time for spring shots and deworming

Perfect time for your annual Coggins too!

Spring is here and its time for spring shots!  Sawtooth Equine recommends that every horse receive an EWT+WNV shot as a core vaccine in the spring.  This single shot protects your horse against tetanus, Eastern Encepahilits, Western Encephalitis and West Nile.  There were horses  in Blaine county last year that tested positive for West Nile and tetanus so please remember to vaccinate.  Based on your horse’s activity, housing and travel, a rhino-flu shot may also be indicated.  The current deworming and vaccination protocols are listed on our website under Horse Health–>Routine Care.  Our veterinarians also provide a brief exam and dental check as part of the spring vaccination service to be sure that your horse is ready for the upcoming summer.  We can also provide you a vaccination certificate for your horse for your records at no additional cost.

Spring vaccination time is also perfect to update your Coggins test.  Many local shows and facilities now require a current (within 1 year) Coggins and proof of vaccination in order to enter the facility.  Call now or request an appointment online!