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Vaccinations Schedule

The following recommendations are a general guideline. Every farm and horse is a unique situation. We will be glad to consult with you about your specific circumstances. There are additional vaccines available for certain conditions and locations. For more information on why we recommend certain vaccines, go to:  and scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Core Vaccination Guidelines or Risk-Based Vaccination Guidelines

Pregnant Mares

5 months gestation
• Killed Rhinopneumonitis

7 months gestation
• Killed Rhinopneumonitis

9 months gestation
• Killed Rhinopneumonitis

10 months gestation
• 4 way (Tetanus, Eastern & Western Encephalitis, flu)
• West Nile
• Rabies
• Ivermectin deworming

Mares may also be vaccinated for Rabies before breeding.

We recommend an IgG test for the foal and a mare-foal wellness exam at 12-24 hours post-foaling.


Adult Non-pregnant Horses

Vaccinations:  Spring early March   

• 3 way (Eastern and Western Encephalitis, Tetanus)
• Rhinopneumonitis
• Flu Avert (Intranasal) or Rhino/Influenza combo
• West Nile

Fall Early September    
• Rhinopneumonitis or Rhino/Influenza combo
• Rabies
• West Nile if recommended

Rhino every 60-90 days for those horses showing, traveling, racing.

• Ivermectin+Praziquantel product   Spring
• Ivermectin Fall (or other product as recommended by veterinarian)
• We recommend an annual fecal exam to determine if your horse is actively infected/shedding
Remember good manure removal is essential to a succesful deworming protocol

Foals From Vaccinated Mares
2 months    Deworm with Anthelcide or Strongid P
4 months    Deworm with Ivermectin
6 months    3-way, Rhinopneumonitis, West Nile, Rabies; Deworm with Ivermectin
7 months    3-way, Rhinopneumonitis, West Nile, Rabies
11 months   Flu-Avert (Intra-nasal)

Foals From Mares with Unknown Vaccination History
2 months    Deworm with Anthelcide or Strongid P
3 months    West Nile Vaccine, Rabies
4 months    Deworm with Ivermectin, 3-way vaccine, West Nile
5 months    3-way vaccine, West Nile
6 months    Rhinopneumonitis, 3-way vaccine ; Deworm with Ivermectin
7 months    Rhinopneumonitis, (if there is a chance that the mare may have been vaccinated for Rabies, re-vaccinate the foal for rabies at 7months of age)
11 months    Flu-Avert (Intra-nasal)

West Nile recommendations are for the killed vaccine product